Environmental & Technical

"Our team are also great when it comes to preparing project management plans, farm environmental management plans, and riparian planting plans."

Landpro provide a wide range of environmental and technical services including expert advice and assistance for dairy conversions and effluent consent renewals.  We can also provide effluent management and WOF’s for your existing effluent systems, as well as providing consent compliance services for you so that you can be assured that you are meeting the requirements of your consents. Our team are also great when it comes to preparing project management plans, farm environmental management plans, and riparian planting plans. If you’re dealing with water and need to advice in relation to your water resources, then our Environmental and Technical Services team are your best bet. They can do all manner of things with water, including pump test design and analysis, aquifer assessment and reporting and hydrological modelling.

Dairy Conversion

Landpro can provide essential advice and guidance to you to assist with the dairy conversion process. We can identify the relevant environmental considerations and rules which might apply to your property, undertake resource consenting, farm mapping and project management services associated with dairy conversions.

Effluent Management & WOF’s

At Landpro we have the skills and expertise to undertake effluent management and Warrant of Fitness assessments on your effluent management system, with our team having achieved the status of ‘Certified Assessor’ under the Dairy NZ accredited Dairy Effluent WOF Program.

Consent Renewals

If your current resource consent is due to expire, we are able to work with you to undertake the process of renewing your consent. Ideally the sooner you can plan for your consent renewal the better, and where possible you should look to lodge any application for renewal at least six months prior to expiry to ensure that you can continue to operate under your existing consents until such time as a decision is made by the consent authority in relation to the application to renew the consent.

Consent Compliance

Once you have obtained your consents there are often a number of conditions of consent which you are then required to comply with. Depending on the number and nature of the conditions, ensuring compliance with them can be a daunting and time consuming task. At Landpro we are able to manage your consent compliance requirements, ensuring that the relevant regulations, management plans and other obligations have been met and are continued to be met to ensure that you are operating in full compliance with your approvals.

Farm Management Plans

Farm Management Plans are now considered to be an essential farm management tool. Our team are very well placed to prepare your farm management plans on your behalf, and we regularly do so as part of the dairy conversion or irrigation management process. We work collaboratively with you and your other consultants such as accounts or farm advisors to pull together a sound working document tailored for your specific farming scenario.

Hydrological Services

When you are working with water, be it groundwater or surface water, you require the expertise of a hydrologist both in ensuring that your proposed water take is capable of sustaining the required yield, and for ensuring that there are no effects of your water take on other water users. Our hydrologists are able to guide you on the appropriate location for establishing your bore, prepare pump test plans, coordinate pump tests, undertake aquifer analysis and assessment of effects.