Aerial Survey & Mapping

If you need fast, accurate and competitive aerial surveying services, you need to talk to us. We understand how important it is for our clients to have confidence; in the process, in the people and the data. We pride ourselves on understanding why our clients (and their clients) are doing the things they do.

We specialise in the delivery of high resolution aerial photography and LiDAR mapping services across New Zealand bringing a friendly, open and collaborative approach to your survey project. We’re surveyors who happen to use a plane to do our field work. Our aerial specialists process data for accuracy and speed because we understand the needs of our industry. We’ve had years of experience capturing and processing aerial data and have built our reputation on a fast service that will get the results you need.

That’s why our clients come back time and again.

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Quad-Copter Drone

Collect economic and fast data from small sites where aircraft or larger drones might not be able to gain access. Perfect for gathering medium resolution images.

Fixed Wing Drone

Larger projects require some serious equipment and our fixed wing drone has the range and the resolution to deliver. RGB images and GPS data collection which is ideal over mid-large areas.

Twin-Prop Aircraft

When the job demands scale, and detail, we roll out the big guns. Our fixed wing twin prop aircraft can cover the ground and deliver the right resolution. Capturing RGB and RGBI imagery with LiDAR point data.

More Detailed Data. Faster.

Our approach to every job is the same and yet very different. No two jobs are the same and our response depends on many factors. Our suite of aerial surveying tools means that we can always deliver on our promise to deliver fast, accurate and reliable data.

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The Right Tool For Every Job

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