Chrissy Bright's profile

Chrissy Bright

Environmental Scientist

Chrissy was raised on a lifestyle farm and vineyard in Marlborough, which instilled in her a close connection to the environment. She has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Geography from the University of Otago and is currently studying towards her PhD, focused on understanding water quality issues, primarily sediment, in Otago and Southland.  While finishing her PhD, Chrissy works part time as a Landpro Environmental Scientist, but her main focus is Hydrology.

Chrissy is passionate about water and understanding how we as humans interact with water in all sorts of environments. Her primary interests are in surface water quality and understanding the connection between land and water. She is interested in all sorts of water management related projects with a special interest in catchment management and working with local communities. When dealing with clients she has an open mind and passion to obtain the best results possible for their project and the environment. 

Chrissy is a very bubbly and caring person who is dedicated to her work and research. When she is not busy studying and working, she enjoys being outdoors, going for walks exploring new places and getting out on the water for a fish in the Kenepuru Sound when  back home in Marlborough.