Lauren Charsley-Groffman's profile

Lauren Charsley-Groffman

Aerial Survey Technician

Lauren hails from Northern New Mexico, United States and started at Landpro in November 2018. She works with our aerial team as navigator in the plane capturing data and GIS mapping and is currently in New Zealand on a work visa living in Wanaka. 

Growing up in Northern New Mexico, Lauren spent a lot of time outdoors, skiing, hiking, camping and river rafting which has fostered a love for the outdoors and the environment. Spending time on the river and travelling through vast canyon networks sparked an interest in geology which lead her to study at university.  Lauren studied at the University of New Mexico and has a Bachelor of Science in Earth & Planetary Sciences and Geography.  Work experience has exposed her to GIS and she has previously worked as a GIS Analyst and Data Manager with a team of scientists studying the effects of climate change on high latitude environments. 

Back home in the US, Lauren is a member of the American Geophysical Union and was a member of the volunteer ski patrol at her local ski area, Pajarito Mountain. Along with her love for the outdoors, Lauren loves to travel, a good book and going to the movies.