Geotechnical Solutions

Landpro can provide geological and geotechnical support for residential, civil and mining projects.

Services include monitoring, sampling, rock and soil logging, project implementation, stability investigations, geotechnical design for excavations, support or consolidation designs and retaining walls.


Data is essential to get the most out of your investment, Landpro can assess technical needs to ensure our clients are confident when making decisions. Geotechnical assurance is paramount when planning development as accurate land stability information is easily overlooked, yet can save significant costs in the longer term. Landpro offers a range of ground investigation options from basic soil mapping, combined with penetration and shear vane testing, to complex sampling, preparation and monitoring strategies.

Stability Investigation

Every now and then things do not always go as planned, whether you notice small cracks forming in walls, leaning fences or full blown open cracks on a property. Investigating changing ground conditions thoroughly and early, before it begins to attack structural integrity, is the most cost effective way to manage further deterioration. Landpro can investigate and quantify the risk for you, then put you in touch with the correct specialists where needed.


Geotechnical design is as critical to your investment as any other part of the engineering process. With over a decade of complex design experience from small to large projects, Landpro will ensure that your development is right from the start. Landpro will keep as many options open to our clients as possible, providing guidance on cost benefit throughout. Whether you need to review a plan to suit ground conditions, or whether you need to change ground conditions to suit your plan, think Landpro for advice on ground stabilisation, excavations, small dams or retaining walls.


If you need to ensure the job is done right, don’t leave it to third parties to supervise critical activities. Landpro specialists can project manage and audit the relevant stages of a development so you can be confident it is proceeding to the plan and design. Landpro has a strong history of working with local and regional authorities to ensure your investment is compliant and does not get tied up in red tape.


Landpro can develop appropriate monitoring and management strategies to contend with specific geotechnical problems. Throwing money at problems is usually of little benefit if the underlying issue is poorly defined and the associated risk remains unquantified. Landpro can assess the aspects of your geotechnical issues and recommend a practical and cost effective means of resolving uncertainty. Landpro specialists can design, install and manage a monitoring system to meet your needs.